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Blue Wings Academy is one of the top aviation institutes in Cochin, Kerala, offering an impeccable launch into an aviation career with world-class training in aviation courses and airport management led by Sony Maniradhan. Aspiring candidates who want to pursue a career in aviation, including cabin crew and air hostess courses, are trained and placed with some of the highest-paying airlines in India and abroad.

Grab your one-time opportunity to launch your career in the skies with Blue Wings Academy, which offers abundant opportunities for ambitious candidates passionate about flying.

We are well-equipped to provide mock and live training sessions in this multidisciplinary institute authorized under government accreditations. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of excellence. We focus on providing equal opportunities without gender bias and ensure that our curriculum imparts knowledge relevant to the rapidly growing industry.

Why Join With Us?

Our Vision

To engender the best-in-class aviation profession who can conquer the skies and bring in a revolutionary approach to aviation education in general, keeping high standards. To keep every dream high, we offer comprehensive aviation courses, including airport management courses, cabin crew courses, and BBA in aviation, ensuring that our students are well-equipped for their careers.

Our Mission

To aid every student to achieve professional competence and higher standards of presentation in aviation through academic excellence and exemplary values, we offer world-class aviation training. Our programs include aviation courses, airport management courses, and cabin crew courses, ensuring that students follow the best practices and obtain top-tier aviation education.


Explore the sky with the right aviation training

Well-equipped infrastructure

Modernized Classrooms with audio-visual interaction.

100% Placement AssuranceModern Smart ClassroomsMock Rooms Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

We bring together skilled lecturers and an inimitable curriculum under this institution to cater to the upcoming requirements in the aviation industry. We train the best and place them right in the path of a successful career. Our updated curriculum has placed us among the top aviation academies in Kerala, supplying competent candidates who are technically impeccable in their trained fields, including airport management courses, cabin crew courses, and BBA in aviation.


Our Facilities

  • Well-experienced and qualified faculty members in aviation management courses
  • Comprehensive personality development program for cabin crew courses
  • Guest lectures from eminent personalities in the aviation industry
  • Specialized training in interview skills for air hostess courses
  • Hostel facility for students enrolled in aviation courses
  • Special focus on communicative English and Hindi in aviation classes
  • We assure world-class training in aviation courses in Kerala
  • Basic vocabularies of Spanish, French, and Arabic for cabin crew qualification
  • Flight trip included in our aviation institute curriculum



“I am studying at Blue Wings Academy in Aleppey. In my aviation college, everything is conducted in a well-disciplined manner. On the first day, I was very tense, timid, and shy. Everything was strange to me, but I overcame my tension, timidity, and shyness. I have changed a lot in my attitude, discipline, and behavior. I became fluent in English. The institution provides valuable information about the aviation industry. Through this institution, we get well-trained guides and caring teachers who help us become executive professionals. The grooming we receive prepares us for a high-flying career.”


“As a part of Blue Wings Academy, I learned a lot about aviation here. I improved my language fluency and speaking skills. Now, my shyness has decreased, and I have become more confident. Over this past year, I have made many changes in my grooming and dress concepts. I learned the importance of neatness, punctuality, responsibility, grooming, and attitude in building a successful aviation career. Thank you for giving me the chance to share my feedback.”


When I enrolled at Blue Wings Academy, an esteemed aviation institute, I was very shy and lacked confidence in front of groups of people. Throughout my studies here, I formed strong friendships. Over the course of a year, I have seen significant improvements in my character. This institution has played a crucial role in helping me become a confident person through its emphasis on aviation education and personal development. Initially, I was quite fearful, but Blue Wings Academy provided the motivation and support I needed to overcome my fears and grow. I am grateful to Blue Wings for fostering these positive changes in me.”

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